Absolutely not. Money Mayday as one of the services it offers offers its advice for free and no contract is held between Money Mayday and its customers. We act as a one stop shop to save you money, and advise on the most appropriate products.
You can cancel your switch by contacting the new supplier directly on the number you were given in your closing terms and conditions, alternatively you can contact uSwitch on 0800 404 7961. Please be aware to cancel you must be within your cooling off period.
After the switch is finalised everything from that point on it is handled by uSwitch and your new supplier. You were given a contact number for your new supplier as the switch was being finalised or alternatively you can contact uSwitch on 0800 404 7961.
You should give your supplier at least 2 days prior notice otherwise you may be liable for the supply usage of others.
The process takes approximately 4-6 weeks to transfer, you will receive notification from your current supplier and also your new supplier with regards to the date your switch will be formally transferred.
Your current suppler would only reject your switch if there was a substantial debt owed on the current bill. If you are on pre-payment you are allowed a maximum of £500 debt on each fuel, i.e. £500 debt for gas, £500 debt for electricity. You would still be allowed to switch provider as the debt will stay on the meter and you continue to pay the new company. This is also the case if you are in credit, the credit you have accrued will stay on the meter for you to continue using with the new supplier. Please be aware that if you receive a bill, any outstanding money owed will be included on your final bill.
A cooling off period is an agreed timescale between you and the supplier in which you are given a specific number of days where you can cancel. E.g. if your cooling off period is 7 days then you have 7 days in which to cancel. Please check your terms and conditions as some suppliers start their cooling off period from then point of sale and some is from when you first receive your welcome letter detailing the date the switch will take place.
If your account is in debit with your current supplier this will be paid back to you either by BACS transfer of cheque.